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We are here to ensure that the people of Argyll and Bute have the opportunity to be as healthy as possible. Good health and wellbeing is at the heart of a vibrant Argyll and Bute. This website will help you to find out what health activities are happening and can also put you in touch with lots of local projects.

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Everyone in Argyll and Bute has the right to lead the healthiest and safest life possible. Whether that means being empowered to make healthier lifestyle choices; being able to access opportunities and services for health and wellbeing locally; or having the skills and resources to manage your own health, health improvement is in everyone’s best interest.

The following values and principles underpin how health improvement is delivered:

  • Empowering
  • Sustaining
  • Participative
  • Equitable
  • Evidence based
  • Well planned
  • Effective

Where health improvement happens:
Health improvement can happen anywhere and at any stage of life, for example, early years, young people, adults and older people, and can take place in a variety of settings and communities, such as:

  • NHS premises
  • Schools
  • The workplace
  • Geographical communities
  • Communities of interest, such as social clubs, churches etc.

What we will do:
Current thinking around health improvement suggests that healthy people arise from healthy communities. Interventions work best if they are done with local communities and they build on assets and resources already present in these communities. This is known as “salutogenesis” or an “assets based approach” and the Health and Wellbeing Partnership favours this model. It involves engaging local communities in finding out what health issues matter to them and responding to what they want.
It also involves breaking down boundaries and not looking at topics such as smoking or harmful drinking in isolation from other factors in health, such as poverty, employment status, educational attainment etc

ANNUAL REPORT OF THE DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC HEALTH 2019:  Past, Present and Future Trends in Health and Wellbeing

This year’s DPH annual report focuses on trends in populations, health and social inequity that have important implications for the delivery of health and social care services and can be found here:- DPH-Annual-Report-2019-and-appendices


In Argyll and Bute, many people are living with long-term health conditions, and many more are at risk of developing them. To help people deal with this, and to live the best and healthiest lives possible, we have developed the Living Well Strategy. The strategy focuses on supporting people to manage their own health, and supporting communities to build groups and networks which can link people together.

Everyone can benefit from Living Well activities and support, even those who are already living healthy lives. Living Well promotes community and information, as well as planning in advance for any health problems that might come up. This is not as a replacement for services, but rather helps to support services by building up people’s capacity to know and manage their own health.

The documents contributing to the Living Well Strategy, as well as the Strategy itself, can be found here.

Living Well Strategy 2019  Engagement report  Strategy Summary  Summary of Staff Survey final  Wellbeing leaflet print-ready 1.02

The Living Well Strategy was launched and endorsed at the HSCP Integration Joint Board on the 25th September 2019

Welcome to the Health and Wellbeing Annual Report. Here we highlight some of the important work we have supported and delivered to enable people to lead longer, healthier lives in Argyll and Bute throughout 2018-19    ABHIT_AnnualReport201819

The Joint Health Improvement Plan 2017 – 2022 is available to view here: 
JHIP 2017-22

The Health and Wellbeing Annual Report for 2017 – 2018 is available here :  FINAL Health and Wellbeing Annual report 2017-18 – FINAL

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Warning: this email discusses end of life.
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Coronavirus Caring for People Helpline
A dedicated helpline has been set up for people across Argyll and Bute who may need help
during the coronavirus outbreak. The Caring for People helpline brings ... See more

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Coronavirus Caring for People Helpline Service

A dedicated helpline has been set up for people across Argyll and Bute who may need help during the coronavirus outbreak. The Caring for People helpline brings together partner agencies and covers a wide range of issues including help for those who are experiencing difficulties accessing food or prescriptions, business advice including access to grants […]

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Public Health team is working with Argyll and Bute HSCP and Argyll and Bute Council’s Community Development Team to provide support for communities around coronavirus efforts.  Please see the Updates for Communities webpage for more information and for any further COVID-19 community support updates: https://www.argyll-bute.gov.uk/coronavirus/help-for-communities Coronavirus – updates for Communities on Covid-19  

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