Bute Health & Wellbeing Network


Coordinator: Dee James

email address: hwnbute@ab-rc.org.uk

Anyone who is interested in improving the mental physical and emotional health and wellbeing of people on Bute is more than welcome to join the network – we have members from NHS, Education, Social work, from local community organisations, health based businesses, and representatives from the community too.

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Please join us for the Bute Living Well Network meetings…

Details of the next meeting is as follows;

Date: Wednesday 23rd November 2022
Time: 10.00-12.30
Venue: Via Zoom – please email hwnbute@ab-rc.org.uk for the Zoom link which will be provided just prior 

Followed by:

Tuesday 28th February 2023, 10:00am-12.30pm

We look forward to welcoming new speakers to learn about how their services support people on Bute.  Confirmation of speakers will be posted nearer the meeting.  Please share widely with your networks


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Minutes of Previous meetings – Click links below

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Strategic Plan

Access to our local plans 1 BHWN Health Inequalities Plan Final, 2 BHWN Alcohol and Drugs Plan Final, 3 BHWN Early Years Plan Final, 4 BHWN Healthy Weight Plan Final, 5 BHWN Mental Health Wellbeing Plan Final, 6-BHWN-Older-People-Final 2, 7. BHWN Smoking Prevention final[1], 8. BHWN Teenage Transitions Final[2]