Helensburgh & Lomond Health and Wellbeing Network

Helensburgh & Lomond Health and Wellbeing Network has a diverse membership of more than 160 people working or volunteering in the public and third sectors.  The Network aims to support anyone in the local community who wants to improve the health and welling of people living in Helensburgh & Lomond and new members are always welcome.

If you are interested in getting involved please contact the coordinator, Audrey Baird (contact details below).  There are a number of ways you can choose to participate in the Network:

  • ask for your name and email address to be added to the membership list for the Network so you can receive email updates, information from other members and news about funding opportunities;
  • provide information to be shared with other Network members;
  • get involved in, or start, a partnership project with other Network members;
  • attend one or more of the Network partnership meetings that are held four times a year;
  • help the Network to identify its priorities for 2018 by submitting ideas for the Network’s Action Plan;
  • assist with making decisions around local funding allocations from the Health and Wellbeing Fund;
  • attend health and wellbeing development days; and
  • help to raise awareness of the Network in the local area.

Grant Funding in 2018

The Network awarded funding to 11 local organisations at the meeting on October 3.  Award recipients can be found in the notes for the meeting below.

The application deadline for round 2 grant awards in Helensburgh & Lomond is 5pm on Friday 2 November.   A guidance pack and application form is available via the ‘Grant Funding’ tab above. Please note the region-wide focus for the grants this year on supporting physical activity and management of long-term conditions.  Please submit your completed and signed electronic application by email directly to the coordinator.

Funding levels for 2018 were announced in June and in Helensburgh & Lomond we are pleased to have £21,000 available to support third and public sector applicants in 2018-19.  £5,026 remains to be allocated in round 2.  Please also read the Network’s work plan below before submitting an application for funding as the plan sets out the Network’s local priorities. Applications will be assessed according to how well the projects requiring funding meet those priorities.

Helensburgh & Lomond Health & Wellbeing Work Plan 2018-2022

Network members met in December 2017 to start work on the new local work plan for the partnership.  A draft plan was amended at the Network meeting on March 14. You can view the final draft plan here: FinalDraftH&LWorkplan.  If you have any comments on the plan, please email the Network coordinator with your suggestions.

2018 Network Meetings

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 12 December between 1-3pm at Hermitage Academy.

Wednesday 3 October. Agenda: Agenda031018 Meeting notes: DRAFTNotes031018.

PB Trial Feedback: Feedback on Trial H&L Participatory Budgeting Event

Wednesday 20 June.  Agenda: Agenda200618 Meeting notes: H&LHWNMeetingNotes200618

Wednesday 14 March. Agenda: Agenda140318. Meeting Notes: H&LHWNMeetingNotes140318


2017 Network Meetings

Links to agendas and meeting notes follow.


Agenda300817 and H&LHWNMeetingNotes300817

Agenda210617a  and H&LHWNMeetingNotes210617 

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Tel: 07545853436