Network Islay & Jura

Anyone who is interested in improving the health of people on the islands of Islay and Jura is welcome to join the network. We have members from the NHS, Social Work, local organisations and the third sector, health based organisations and businesses and representatives from the community.

We meet at least four times a year, to network, build partnerships, share knowledge and information.

In between meetings members receive regular emails containing relevant news and information from a variety of sources. You can find a membership form below. Send it to Sandra Macintyre:

If you have any information that you would like to share with the network, please email it to the coordinator, alternatively if you want to keep up to date, just ask to be on the mailing list.

Islay and Jura Local Area Plan: Local Area Plan 2019-20

Sandra Macintyre

Addaction Team Leader MAKI

I&J HWBN Coordinator

Email :



Custom House

Main Street


PA43 7JJ


I+J HWB membership form

Grant timetable 2019-20 running from April to September 2019

This year funding is available for increasing physical activity and supporting self management of long term health conditions. 

 We are also want evidence of a formal or informal link to the NHS/HSCP with your project .

Question B on the application form: “In what ways does your project meet the need to increase physical activity/or support the management of long term conditions? How does this link in to NHS/HSCP/Council services?” .

Incoming 2019-20  grant information to applicants and scorers:

  • Please find attached our new grant application and guidance pack for 2019 -20.
  • There will only be one round of grant awards this year and the I&JHWB fund stands at £4000.
  • The application must be into me (please see below) for Tuesday 11th June.
  • If you have an application you are not eligible to score on the day.
  • If you are eligible to score you can do this by email if you wish but you will not hear the applicants presentation unless you attend.
  • Our scoring meeting is on the 18th June, please let me know if you are available to attend.
  • The applicants are encouraged to give a presentation to the scorers .
  • The applications will then go to the HWBP for consideration and the funds are released on receipt of result of bid letters with the groups bank details and HWBF number on it.
  • For information this money is to be considered as capped: for example £800 would mean 5 projects would get a share. Please understand this before making your application.
  • I am available to discuss your applications and your inquiries .
  • The new application has all the forms attached including the scoring form and monitoring report.
  • Please find below.

Guidance for Applicants HWN grants 2019-2020

HWF Application Guidance Pack 2019-20

Further information and guidance can be fund on The Joint Health Improvement Plan2017-2022 on the Healthy Argyll and Bute page of this website.

I&JHWBN Meeting dates:

Our next meeting is a scoring meeting Tuesday 18th June .

further dates : 19.08.2019


HWB SMF Minutes 28.1.2019

HWB SMF Minutes 19.11.2018 1

HWB SMF Minutes 14.5.2018

HWB SMF Minutes 20.8.2018

Publication Addaction circulation poster.