Capacity Growth Grants

Argyll & Bute HSCP have launched Capacity Growth Grants to fund Third Sector organisations who currently deliver services/support to adults over the age of 18 living in Argyll and Bute, to increase their capacity to be in a position to support the future Community Link Worker (CLW) service.

A CLW works with an individual to identify underlying causes and stressors in their life, which are having a negative impact on their health. The aim is to support people in taking control over their own health and wellbeing, and includes referring them to community services which can support them in doing so.

A healthy and vibrant Third Sector plays a vital role in supporting CLW objectives. Argyll and Bute HSCP are looking to award Capacity Growth Grants to Third Sector partners across Argyll and Bute to build capacity for supporting CLW by developing sustainable services which CLW are able to refer individuals into.

Capacity growth activities are those which build an organisation’s resources to deliver the range, volume and quality of services required for successful CLW, and the potential to extend the reach or variety of these services. These will be services which also benefit the wider community in line with CLW outcomes.


Bids must provide measurable value to CLW, lasting change and a positive impact on the lives of people living in Argyll and Bute.   We are looking to fund applications which meet one or more of these priorities:

 Reducing loneliness and social isolation Improving health in areas of deprivation
Improving health in remote and island communities  

Supporting those living with long term conditions and/or frailty

We would welcome partnership bids. We would particularly welcome bids where organisations work together to deliver key outcomes across Argyll & Bute.

This funding stream is targeted at adults over 18 but we will consider bids that also include young people as part of the overall service/project.

The application process opens on 30 November 2020 and closes at midnight on the 24 January 2021. Maximum amount available for single-locality applications is £10,000, or £15,000 for multi-locality applications.

Application documents

Funding Application Guidance – Capacity Growth Grants – guidance 2020-21

Funding Application Form – Capacity Growth Grants – application form 2020-21

All applicants must read the Guidance document before completing the application form All applications must be returned to by midnight on 24th January 2021.