Director of Public Health Annual Report Published

All directors of Public Health in Scotland publish an annual report. Hugo van Woerden is the Director of Public Health for NHS Highland and he launched his annual report for 2017 this week. The topic this year is Realistic Medicine. This may be a new phrase to some people and means  thinking carefully about the healthcare choices we make in terms of things like ethics, effectiveness, population demographics and finances.


Realistic Medicine has been described with the following six points:

  • Shared decision making with people receiving and delivering health and care
  • Building a personalised approach to care
  • Reducing harm and waste
  • Reducing variation in practice by staff and outcomes for people
  • Managing risk better
  • More improvement and innovation in health and care


The report can be found here and the Health Improvement Team will be out and about talking about it at meetings over the coming months. Join the debate about Realistic Medicine on our facebook page – Healthy Argyll and Bute