Health and Wellbeing Fund 2017-18 Now Open

Argyll and Bute Community Health Partnership has allocated  £115000 from its Public Health budget this year to support community led health improvement activities.

This budget is devolved to local networks to distribute as they see fit using agreed selection criteria. This year we now have the following 4 themes for grant funding:

Theme 1 – Getting the best start in life
Giving children a good start in life enables them to go on to be healthy adults. Ways of giving children a good start in life include: pre and during pregnancy support; breastfeeding and healthy weaning; active lifestyles; and alleviation of poverty.

Theme 2 – Working to ensure fairness
Health inequalities continues to be a priority. One of the best ways to improve health is to increase income levels. Other areas of fairness include: race, religion, disability, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status and pregnancy. Our rural geography can also be a barrier to fairness here.

Theme 3 – Connecting people with support in their community
Health problems can be caused or made worse by social issues like loneliness, relationship breakdown, debt or homelessness. Enabling people to access community and support is called social prescribing.

Theme 4 – Focusing on Wellness not illness
Enabling people to be as healthy as possible and focus on wellness instead of illness. Doing this by building capacity in communities for healthy living and continuing to focus on assets for health i.e. what keeps us healthy.

Hundreds of initiatives have received funding over the years in Argyll and Bute. Recipients range from one off events such as a cookery class or an information resource for carers to supporting ongoing activities such as a befrienders group for older people or swimming lessons for disabled adults. Potential applicants can find out more about how to access the grant fund by joining their local network.

In order to be effective, health improvement activities must balance the needs and aspirations of communities with what the evidence and experience shows can make a difference. The geography of Argyll and Bute means that local communities can have distinct needs and this has resulted in a very diverse range of services across the area. Just because something has been shown to work in one area does not mean it will work in another area. However, strategically those responsible for planning and commissioning services have a duty to ensure equity of services and funding allocations across Argyll and Bute.

To get an application please see our funding page