Keep Well Service Launched in Dunoon

People aged between 40 and 64 living in Dunoon are being encouraged to take up an offer of a free health check.  The health checks are also being  targeted at communities of interest including South Asian groups; Black and Afro-Caribbean; Offenders, Gypsy/Travellers; carers; individuals who are homeless and those affected by substance misuse.

The Keep Well programme is offering free health and wellbeing checks to individuals at greatest risk of preventable ill health as a result of life circumstances.  The health checks focus on the screening for cardio vascular disease and its associated risk factors.  It is designed to help people get fit by learning about healthy eating, coping with stress and the health and financial benefits of quitting smoking.

At your health check you will be offered the opportunity to have your height, weight and blood pressure readings taken.  Staff will then have a chat about a number of issues regarding your health and wellbeing, for example, how active you are, what your diet is like, whether you smoke, your alcohol intake and any money worries or other life stresses.  At the end of the check staff will discuss your results and any support or treatment that you may wish to consider.

Alison Hardman, Keep Well Manager for NHS Highland in Argyll and Bute, said:

“This is a great opportunity to sit down and look at your own health and wellbeing.  You will have the opportunity to talk about your health and opportunities to improve it through the services within your community.”