Creative Therapies Group work for those dealing with complex issues


Our aim was to provide easier access to our specialist support services for people dealing with complex issues around addictions, poor mental health and homelessness as we recognise the crossover between these issues and sexual trauma. We had an average of 9-10 people for each session, sometimes as many as 12-13 which made for lively discussion and a good level of positive energy in the room.

Mid Argyll Christmas Lunch Gathering

25th December 2015

A small group of volunteers again made Christmas Day special for more than 40 people who might otherwise have been alone. For the second year running, the Mid Argyll Community Gathering came together to put on a Christmas Lunch in Lochgilphead Parish Church.
Lynda Syed, of Argyll Third Sector Interface (Argyll TSI) said, “Although only a few of the volunteers had worked on the day last year, the group did a fantastic job. We all wanted to make sure that, as far as possible, no-one in mid Argyll had to be alone on Christmas Day, or go without a Christmas Lunch, and plenty of people took the opportunity to come and join us and make the occasion special.”

Family summer activities in Kintyre by Women’s Aid


Women try their best to make their children feel settled in what can be such a worrying time, for them all, and unfortunately with children and young people there is always something or someone who comes and needs money for school trips, after school activities, summer activities etc, so therefore we are able to provide some help to those families, because of this funding.

Kintyre Food Bank


We set out to raise awareness of the help available from Kintyre Food Bank across rural Kintyre. We also wanted to produce a recipe booklet using ingredients provided in food parcels.